Cacique Bra Fit Guide

How To Measure

A great-fitting bra is essential to ensure your clothes fit properly, are comfortable and look their best. Here?s how to measure for your bra size:

  1. Wrap the tape measure around your chest, just beneath the breasts. This is your band size. Example: 38"
  2. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your bust size. Example: 41"

Subtract the band size from the bust size. Example: 41"-38"=3"

Find the final number below to get your cup size. Example: 3" = C cup

2" = B cup 6" = DDD cup
3" = C cup 7" = F cup
4" = D cup 8" = G cup
5" = DD cup 9" = H cup

Your bra size is your band size plus your cup size. Example: 38C

Balconette Bra Back To All Styles >

Our best-seller! Supportive lift and open neckline enhance and flatters cleavage.

  • Hidden underwires provide lift
  • Shaped cups give support
  • Ideal for tops with open necklines

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T-Shirt Bra Back To All Styles >

Soft molded cups disappear under clothes for everyday lift & shaping, with convertible straps.

  • Moderate coverage that shapes
  • Perfect for tops with open necklines

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Demi Bra Back To All Styles >

Provides cleavage enhancing support for under your favorite low-cut looks.

  • Lifts to create cleavage
  • Sleek yet supportive

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No-Wire Bra Back To All Styles >

All day support and comfort without an underwire.

  • Molded or lined cups
  • Natural shape and support

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Plunge Bra Back To All Styles >

Maximize your curves! Cleavage-enhancing underwire cups add volume and shape to breasts.

  • Low-cut and uplifting support
  • Perfect for tops with plunging necklines

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Full Coverage Bra All Styles >

Complete coverage and support for all-day comfort.

  • Molded or lined cups
  • Hidden underwire for shape
  • Ideal for fuller busts

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Multi-Way Strapless All Styles >

Comfortable and supportive strapless bra is the answer to all your bare-shoulder fashions.

  • Wearable under most tops
  • Versatile extra straps

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Sports Bra Back To All Styles >

High-impact support designed to move & groove without bounce or jiggle.

  • Firm support for high impact workouts
  • Convertible reinforced straps for maximum support

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Cooling Bra Back To All Styles >

Full coverage support designed to beat the heat.

  • Breathable, molded underwire cups
  • Mesh center panel and back band
  • Moisture-wicking technology

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