Meet Julie Henderson

Body activist. Hoops star.

Julie basically defines the word baller. She’s a Notre Dame hoops star who played in the final four. A body-pos activist who challenges the industry standards. A model reppin’ beauty without any boundaries. And she’s out here slayin’ doubters with every move she makes.

Julie’s picks

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Wicking Active Twist-Back Tank
Cooling Active Popover
Woven Active Capri Jogger
Layered Short-Sleeve Active Hoodie
Signature Stretch Active Capri Jogger
Cooling Active Short
Performance Stretch Woven Active Capri
Cooling Spliced Active Capri Legging
Wicking Capri Legging with Mesh

Wicking Capri Legging with Mesh

Mesh-Sleeve Active Hoodie
Spa Active Jogger Capri

Spa Active Jogger Capri

Wicking Capri Legging with Lace-Up Detail
Wicking Active Dance Tank

Wicking Active Dance Tank

Wicking Active Dance Capri Legging with Mesh