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Plus Size Outerwear

Jacket Required

The dress-up/dress-down spring superstars you need right now.

Striped Wrap Blazer With Belt
0 (0)
Utility Jacket
0 (0)
On-The-Go Biker Jacket
0 (0)
Hooded Zip-Front Jacket
4.3 (3)
Bleach Splattered Denim Jacket - Light Wash
0 (0)
Knit Kit Belted Overpiece
5 (2)
Crinkle Cinched-Waist Jacket With Convertible Hood
4.2 (5)
Knit Tweed Military Jacket
0 (0)
Ponte Wrap Jacket With Belt
0 (0)
LIVI Zip-Front Hooded Jacket
4.6 (7)
Metallic Cinched-Waist Parka
5 (1)
Cropped Denim Jacket - Medium Wash
0 (0)
Chambray Jacket With Cinched Waist
0 (0)
Belted Denim Jacket
0 (0)
Denim Jacket - Ripped Light Wash
5 (2)
Cropped Denim Jacket - Dip-Dye Wash
0 (0)
Twill Utility Duster Jacket
0 (0)
Faux-Leather Double-Breasted Blazer
5 (1)
Ponte Military Jacket
5 (2)
Open-Front Ponte Overpiece - Black
4.2 (4)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Black
5 (6)
LIVI Zip-Front Peplum Jacket with Wicking
4.7 (6)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Spacedye
4.8 (4)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Spacedye
5 (2)
Textured Ponte Belted Peplum Jacket
5 (1)
Denim Jacket - Dark Wash
5 (3)
Bryant Blazer - Double Breasted Ponte
4 (13)
Bryant Blazer - Faux Double Breasted Ponte
4.9 (21)
Denim Utility Jacket
3.6 (7)
Active Hooded Jacket
5 (1)
LIVI Half-Zip Pullover - Sherpa
4.9 (13)
Boucle Jacket
3.3 (3)
Satin Tie-Waist Overpiece
3 (3)
Ponte Peplum Blazer With Satin Lapel
4 (1)
Open-Front Ponte Overpiece
3.2 (5)
Soft Jacket With Tie
5 (3)
Textured Ponte Longline Jacket
4.7 (7)
Maxi Hooded Puffer Coat
3.9 (14)
Sherpa-Lined Hood Shirred-Side Packable Puffer Jacket
2.7 (15)
Lightweight Belted Reversible Packable Coat
2.5 (2)
Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Coat
4.8 (18)
Belted Wrap Coat With Epaulettes
4 (3)
Shirred-Side Packable Puffer Jacket
4.2 (53)
Double Breasted Blazer - Plaid
5 (5)
Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Parka Coat
4.7 (49)
On-The-Go Peplum Jacket
5 (4)
Ponte Peplum Jacket
5 (4)
Striped Shawl-Collar Blazer
3.7 (6)
Bryant Blazer - Sexy Stretch
4.1 (22)
Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Coat
4.4 (9)
Bryant Blazer-Sexy Stretch
4 (3)
Bryant Blazer- Double Breasted Ponte
0 (0)

Shop plus size outerwear for every season

Whether you want a jacket to complete your outfit or you're looking to fight off weather, we have a wide selection of styles to fit your needs. On those warmer days, our plus size lightweight jackets are just enough to shield you during the evening chill. Plus size jean jackets are perfect for fall days and can even be worn as a layer in the office or around the house. Our plus size bomber jackets and leather jackets are perfect for a night out. With colder weather, warmth is key. Plus size coats are chic and classic, while plus size jackets offer extra warmth and functionality for those particularly cold days.

How to style your plus size coats and jackets

While practical, plus size jackets not only protect you from the elements, but they can also make or break an outfit. Going for that classic Americana look? Layer a plus size jean jacket over a white t-shirt. Heading out for a date or night out with girlfriends? Throw on a plus size leather jacket with one of our date night tops and a printed scarf to add a little edge to your look. Even during winter, you can add some fun to your outfit! Layer a women’s plus size winter coat over a blazer for some added depth, and finish your look with some wide calf boots. No matter the weather or occasion, we made it easy to feel fabulous in our plus size outerwear.

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