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Plus Size Jean Capris & Crops

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The Long and Short of it

Basically, shorter hemlines are (still) on the rise.

Signature Fit Denim Boyfriend Midi Short - Medium Wash Bleach Splatter
4.8 (4)
Signature Fit Denim Boyfriend Midi Short - Americana White Stars
3.8 (4)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Midi Short - Light Wash Embroidered Rainbows
4.5 (6)
Signature Fit Denim Boyfriend Midi Short - Stars & Stripes
5 (3)
High-Rise Pull-On Pedal Jegging - Light Wash
2.7 (9)
Straight Fit Twill Skinny Pedal
3.3 (6)
Denim shorts photo

On the Short List

Put these pull-on denim cuties riiiight at the top.

Signature Fit Twill Skinny Pedal Pant
3.4 (5)
Pull-On Twill Skinny Pedal Pant
2.4 (15)
Straight Fit High-Rise Denim Bermuda Short - Light Wash
3.5 (2)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Midi Short - Light Wash With Patch Pockets
4.2 (4)
Straight Fit High-Rise Pedal Jean - Dark Wash
3.6 (5)
Straight Fit High-Rise Denim Bermuda Short - Dark Wash
3 (2)
Signature Fit Denim Bermuda Short - Dark Wash
3.6 (5)
Signature Fit Pedal Jean - Dark Wash
4 (2)
Signature Fit Wide Leg Pedal Jean - Light Wash
3.8 (12)
Signature Fit Denim Boyfriend Midi Short - Medium Wash
3 (8)
Tighter Tummy High-Rise Denim Bermuda Short - Light Wash
5 (1)
Straight Fit High-Rise Pedal Jean - Medium Wash
4.3 (3)
Straight Fit Slim Bermuda Short
2.1 (10)
Signature Fit Pedal Jean - Medium Wash
3.8 (4)
Signature Fit Wide Leg Crop Jean - Dip-Dye Light Wash
3.2 (12)
Tighter Tummy High-Rise Skinny Pedal - Dark Wash
5 (3)
Curvy Fit Slim Bermuda Short
2.5 (4)
Tighter Tummy High-Rise Pedal Jean - Medium Wash
4.6 (5)
Pull-On High-Rise Pedal Jegging - Medium Wash
3.3 (10)
Signature Fit Slim Bermuda Short
2.1 (13)

Women’s Plus Size Capris: For Living on the Go

Whether you’re looking for casual wear or something a little more formal, plus size cropped jeans and plus size capris are trendy and stylish, helping you feel cool, confident, and ready to tackle your day. Ours are designed to be fuller through the thigh for an effortless, comfort fit that enhances your curves, with design details that ensure stress-free wear including the no-gap, stretch Magic Flex Waistband that moves with you for all-day comfort. And our super stretch denim fabric sculpts and smooths every curve, with amazing recovery. Plus size capri pants generally end around mid-calf, while cropped jeans are a little longer, ending just above your ankles. Both styles are fashion-forward and can be worn casually like shorts or styled for dressier events, making them versatile wardrobe must-haves. Our cropped jeans for women are ideal for a wide variety of occasions and activities because they’re both playful and appealing, showing off a bit of ankle while providing a flattering silhouette. And you can style them for most any look you want. Casual, chic, sophisticated, feminine - you name it. Pair yours with one of our Livi active tops for morning runs to the market or meeting friends for lunch, or wear them with one of our lightweight, comfortable sweatshirts & hoodies for a walk in the park, or enjoying s’mores by the bonfire. You can even choose a crop jegging, which combines jeans styling with the incredible comfort of plus size capri leggings.

Different Capri Styles for Any Outfit

Plus size capri pants can be worn all year round, in your choice of many different styles including wide legs, cropped pants, standard jean capris, denim shorts or capri jeggings, all of which match up well with items in your closet. Our dark wash cropped jeans for women paired with a blouse or button-up offer a more formal, put-together appearance. Our medium wash capri pants for women matched with a your favorite casual top and a pair of attention-getting sunglasses provide a slightly edgier appearance. Style casual capris and a T-shirt with a necklace or scarf to help elongate your physique and provide the illusion of extra height. Additionally, our women’s plus size capris show off your stylish footwear, courtesy of the gap between cuff and ankle, providing you with a wonderful opportunity to showcase the shoes you choose to complete your fashion statement. Whether you prefer sandals, slides or flats to show off your cute toes, or stylish sneakers, boots or heels, they all pair perfectly with our plus size capri jeans. Wherever your fashion sense takes you, you can look and feel your best with our wide selection of women’s capris and crop jeans.

We’re Here to Help!

When your clothing is too tight or too loose, too long or too short, it’s hard to show off your shape and curves to look your best. That’s why here at Lane Bryant, we put fit above everything else to keep you looking and feeling great. We’ve been doing it for over 100 years. We design every pair of pants to fit your shape like a glove, using the latest cutting-edge techniques so you’ll feel like you’re in your most comfortable sweatpants. Our plus size capris and cropped jeans for women are available in sizes 12 to 28, and 12P, and every item description carefully provides you with all the information you want relating to leg shape, inseam, rise and fit (deluxe, signature, tighter tummy or curvy) so you can get your ideal size. If you’re not sure of your size, you can use our Jeans Fit Guide to take the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit. Quickly and simply, it walks you through your options, helping you pick the optimal size (size, waist, low hip), fit and leg shape. When it comes to capris and cropped jeans, women know they can trust us to provide the style, fit and quality that will make these your easy-to-wear, go-to fashion favorites.

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