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  • curvy

    Curvy fit


    Smaller through
    the waist. Fuller
    through the hip
    & thigh.

  • signature

    Signature fit


    curvy through the
    waist, hip & thigh.
    Our most
    universal fit!

  • straight

    Straight fit


    Fuller through
    the waist.
    Smaller through
    the hip & thigh.

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Plus size jeggings

3-Button High-Rise Pedal Jegging - Dark Wash
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Pull-On High-Rise Pedal Jegging - Light Wash

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Pull-On High-Rise Pedal Jegging - Destructed Medium Wash
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Pull-On High-Rise Pedal Jegging - Dark Wash

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High-Rise Pull-On Jegging - Dark Wash
5 (3)
High-Rise Pull-On Jegging - Dark Wash
4.6 (9)
High-Rise Sateen Pull-On Jegging - Black
4.8 (5)
High-Rise Sateen Pull-On Jegging- Medium Wash
4.2 (6)
High-Rise Sateen 3-Button Jegging - Black
4.7 (26)
High-Rise Sateen Pull-On Jegging - Dark Rinse Wash
3.1 (15)
High-Rise Sateen Pull-On Jegging - Medium Wash
3.5 (12)
High-Rise 3-Button Jegging - Dark Wash
3.3 (17)

Jeggings for Curvy Women

Jeggings blend the form-fitting snug fit of skinny jeans, with the curve-hugging comfort of leggings. They’re comfortable, stylish, supportive and made to last, wear after wear. Additionally, and most importantly, our plus size jeggings have a fit you’ll love, one that flatters every curve, and that feels great every time you wear them. Our jeggings are crafted with high quality fabric blends, which allows them to offer control and support, with just enough stretch to hold and smooth. Jeggings built with The Flex Magic Waistband move with you for comfort from sun-up to sundown, and the high rise 3-button design keeps everything in place, sitting comfortably at your waist, helping to create a curve-embracing silhouette that’s polished, slimming, and perfect for layering. The best jeggings for women are loaded with versatile style, so they pair perfectly with a wide variety of tops, footwear and accessories to fit any occasion, and to reflect your personality and unique fashion sense.

How to Style Your Plus Size Jeggings

The beauty of jeggings is that there are literally hundreds of ways to style them to fit different occasions. Wear our denim jeggings when you want the look of jeans but prefer something a little softer. Jegging jeans, with their skinny leg opening and high waisted fit, look cool, comfortable and beautiful when paired with oversized cardigans and chunky sweaters. Also be sure to accent your look with your favorite longer length necklace or scarf. Our black jeggings pair perfectly with simple t-shirts and kimonos for an easy, effortless look that’s ideal for a weekend no matter the time of year. Thanks to their smooth silhouette and close fit, we think you’ll agree that plus size jeggings are an excellent partner for your choice of figure-flattering tunic tops, from casual to dressy. Another great thing about jeggings is that they look great with all your favorite footwear. We love jeggings with mid-height or wedge heels for a slimming effect. You’ll also look great in jeggings paired with super-stylish boots of almost any height and design, including combat, slouch or riding, knee-high, mid-calf, ankle or even short booties.

Tips for Choosing the Best Jeggings for You

Our jeggings for women come in a variety of designs and colors to fit your every fashion whim. Our large selection makes it easy to find the best jeggings to suit your personal taste. Choose a light wash on a laid-back day or choose a dark wash for a night out with friends. And then there’s our medium wash jeggings, which are incredibly versatile, and can be dressed up or down as needed. Other available colors include black and brown, and also gray wash when the occasion calls for something edgier. Another classic option is our black jeggings. Perfect for that leather-pants-look that takes you from the office to an after-work party. Shop all available styles in sizes 12 to 28 today!

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