Signature fit

Our most universal fit with a slight curve from waist to hip.

Features a mid-rise or high-rise Flex Magic Waistband.

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Plus Size Stretch Jeans

Signature Fit Boyfriend Jean - Dark Wash
0 (0)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Medium Wash With Embroidered Hem
0 (0)
Signature Fit Flare Jean - Dark Wash
0 (0)
Signature Fit Flare Jean - Medium Wash
0 (0)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Jean - Ripped & Splattered
0 (0)
Signature Fit Straight Jean - Light Wash
5 (1)
Signature Fit Boot Jean - Medium Wash
2 (1)
Signature Fit High-Rise Skinny Jean - Center Seam
0 (0)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Jean - Ripped Medium Wash
0 (0)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Jean - Medium Wash
0 (0)
Signature Fit Wide Leg Jean - Medium Wash
0 (0)
Signature Fit Wide Leg Jean - Light Wash
1 (1)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Dark Wash
5 (1)
Signature Fit High-Rise Skinny Jean - Seamed Medium Wash
4.5 (2)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Medium Wash With Destruction
5 (1)
Signature Fit Sateen Skinny Jean - Black
3.4 (8)
High-Rise Sateen Pull-On Jegging - Dark Rinse Wash
3 (7)
Signature Fit High-Rise Straight Jean - Seam Detail
4.6 (5)
High-Rise Sateen Pull-On Jegging - Medium Wash
3.4 (5)
High-Rise Pull-On Jegging - Ripped Dark Wash
2.8 (9)
Signature Fit Sateen Skinny Jean - Dark Wash
4 (6)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Medium Wash
3.2 (9)
High-Rise Pull-On Jegging - Medium Wash Side Stripe
3.5 (4)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Black
3.5 (6)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Rinse Dark Wash
4.6 (14)
Signature Fit Boot Jean - Dark Wash
3.4 (25)
Signature Fit Straight Jean-Everyday Dark Wash
4.1 (17)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Jean - Light Wash With Sequins
4.2 (6)
High-Rise 3-Button Jegging - Rhinestone Hem
3.4 (9)
Signature Fit Boyfriend Jean - Ripped Medium Wash
4.7 (7)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Light Wash With Metallic Coating
3 (3)
Signature Fit High-Rise Trouser Jean - Faded Black
3.5 (2)
Signature Fit Boot Jean - Light Wash With Destruction
5 (4)
Signature Fit High-Rise Girlfriend Straight Jean - Light Wash With Destruction
5 (3)
Signature Fit High-Rise Girlfriend Straight Jean - Dark Wash
2.7 (3)
High-Rise 3-Button Jegging - Side Stripe Embellishment
5 (1)
Signature Fit Boot Jean - Black
5 (2)
Signature Fit Straight Jean - Black
4.5 (2)

The Perfect Stretch Jeans for Women

Our plus size stretch jeans are the ideal choice if you are a woman with an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Especially if you also place a high value on all-day comfort. Our jeans are made from high-quality cotton blends that include a small amount of stretch fabric. They effortlessly move with you through all your activities, never constricting or binding. Beyond the comfort factor, stretch jeans for women are a stylish, wardrobe essential that sculpts and smooths your curves without pulling or buckling, while making your silhouette appear slimmer and taller. Specifically, the women’s plus size stretch jeans you see here are designed to fit women with figures that are more generally proportioned from your waist through your hips and thighs, with a gradual curve from waist to hips and a slight taper to your ankles. They come in a wide range of styles, colors and washes, so whether your day calls for casual and relaxed, busy, busy, busy, or dressy chic, you’re sure to find a perfect fit for your sense of style. Additionally, you can use our Jeans Fit Guide to find the right size and most flattering fit. We're here to help you avoid common fit issues like jeans that are too baggy, too long or too tight.

Find the Right Plus Size Stretch Jeans Style

The fact is, our stretch waist jeans offer the highest levels of comfort imaginable, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything when it comes to fulfilling your personal fashion goals. The large selection at Lane Bryant covers all your style bases. Whether you’re looking for high-waisted stretch jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, high rise girlfriend jeans, boot cut jeans, pedal jeans or 3-button jeggings, you can find them all here. You’ll also find a wide range of colors, including black stretchy jeans, white skinny jeans, jeans with dark, medium or light washes and, for an edgier look, destructed jeans. The cut of stretchy skinny jeans tapers from hips to hem which makes them very versatile. They can be worn with flats, heels or tucked into boots, and they can be paired with a plus size tunic top or worn with a bulkier sweater to provide instant balance. Straight leg style jeans have a slight taper from hip to hem giving them a streamlined look, or you can roll up the cuffs when you want a change of pace. Boot cut style provides a slim profile from hip to knee with a slight flare at the leg opening to welcome your favorite boots, and jeggings offer a super-slim, leggings-like fit from waist to ankle. The rise of your jeans is also a consideration. Low-rise jeans generally sit at or below your hips and are ideal for women with a shorter torso. Mid-rise jeans typically sit between your belly button and hips and provide a little more support in the tummy area. High-rise jeans sit at belly button level and can give the appearance of longer legs. Regardless of the style details you’re looking for, you can find them here at Lane Bryant.

Comfort and Style are Uncompromised

When you’re deciding whether to wear your stretch jeans for women, your leggings, or even jogger sweatpants, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is whether they’re comfortable. All three styles provide maximum comfort and ease of movement. Plus size leggings fit almost like a second skin. They stretch, flawlessly highlight your curves, and are great for yoga, a walk, running errands, or hanging out on the weekend. Sleeker and more form-fitting than traditional sweatpants, plus size jogger sweatpants provide a look of athletic chic for a work-out, running to the grocery store, or chasing the kids around. Once you’ve decided the occasion calls for plus size stretch jeans, you’re ready to turn your attention to the rest of your outfit. Slim Signature Fit skinny jeans pair well with nearly any shoes and tops you want to wear for work or play. Straight leg stretch jeans are very versatile, allowing you to start off your day with sneakers and a sweatshirt, then switch to stilettos and a date night top without the need to change. Bootcut stretch jeans can take you anywhere you want to go and match up perfectly with a tailored or fitted top to balance out the slight flare at the ankles. In each case, you can create different, stylish outfits that are all your own by accessorizing. Add a scarf for a burst of color, carry a handbag that attracts interest, or wear a statement necklace, bracelet or earrings to express your personality and add an exclamation to your sense of style.

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