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Hello, Power Pockets.
Faux Leather Legging with Ankle Zip
Allie Wide Leg Pant - Floral Crepe
Eyelet Ruffle-Hem Linen Ankle Pant

Wide Leg Pant with Split Hem
Lace-Back Utility Skinny Pant

Allie Straight Leg Pant - Gray Pattern
Allie Smart Stretch Skinny Pant
Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant
Allie Smart Stretch Skinny Pant
Coolmax® Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant - Twill
Sophie Tailored Stretch Straight Leg Pant with T3 Technology
Fast Lane Leopard Soft Pant
Soft Tie-Hem Crop

Allie Modern Stretch Ankle Pant - Ruffle

Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant - Pull-On
Wide Leg Crop

5 Pocket Girlfriend Chino Pant
Innersculpt Ponte Legging - Seamed
Utility Skinny Pant - Floral
Spa Zipper-Hem Active Capri Jogger
Utility Skinny Pant - Lace-Up Ankle
Power Pockets Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant
Utility Skinny Pant - Zip Ankle
Utility Skinny Pant - Studded Hem
Allie Sexy Stretch Crop - Textured

Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant - Pull-On
Camo Linen Crop

Coolmax® Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant
Coolmax® Allie Sexy Stretch Skinny Pant - Pull-On
Coolmax® Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant - Twill
Floral Applique Casual Ankle Pant
Printed Soft Ankle Pant

Wide Leg Crop

Grommet Jogger Pant

Floral Lace Short

Allie Ankle Pant - Pull-On Floral Jacquard
Floral Printed Ruffle-Hem Short
Allie Tailored Stretch Wide Leg Pant - Cuffed
Soft Tie-Hem Crop

Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant - Textured
Linen Ruffle-Hem Crop

Poplin Bermuda Short with Satin Detail
Ponte Trouser Pant

Shop Our Wide Collection of Flattering Plus Size Pants at Lane Bryant

At Lane Bryant, we believe you deserve high quality, flattering pants that you feel comfortable and confident wearing anywhere. Our meticulously styled collection are everything you've been looking for. The Allie Pant has the perfect amount of stretch, but still accentuates your curves. The Ashley Fit is an insanely flattering fit for our especially curvy women. The Lena Pant is for those gorgeous hourglass shape figures with a smaller waist and curves through the hip and thigh. Lastly, the Sophie Pant is for that apple shape with a fuller waist, hip and thigh. If you're looking for those go-to plus size work trousers, we have all the styles you want. We also have the more traditional plus size skinny pants and plus size bootcut pants for that timeless look. Our specialty sizing includes petite pants, tall pants and wide leg pants, if that's what you're looking for.

You can't get a perfect pair of pants without an adorable plus size blouse from Lane Bryant! Check out our gorgeous plus size tops and choose your favorite style of the season.

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