The Style Glossary

Our A-Z rundown of the season’s most definitive pieces.


Allie / ˈa-lē /
Allie Pant
  1. Queen of pants, ruling with our revolutionary no-gap waist and the universal fit that works magic for every shape and size.
  2. Designed with feedback from thousands of you, until we got it exactly right.
  3. With options for anything and everything you’ve got going on.
    See: leg shapes
  4. Stretches that go from body-hugging to a suit-like drape.
    See: stretches
    • Sexy Stretch: Our most curve-hugging stretch with great recovery. Shop now ›
    • Smart Stretch: Lightweight cotton bi-stretch that’s a little fitted. Shop now ›
    • Modern Stretch: Double weave that’s body skimming but not skin tight. Shop now ›
    • Tailored Stretch: Relaxed, yet polished, with a suit-like drape. Shop now ›
Athleisure / ath-lee-zher /
  1. Activewear that works whether you’re working out or nah.
  2. (Not so) secret weapon for instant cool-factor.
  3. What allows you to go from spin class to sample sale with zero extra effort.
Animal Print / ˈanəməl print /
Animal Print
  1. Pairs like a neutral. Slays on its own.
  2. A natural way to make your power suit purr.
  3. Super impactful when spotted in the wild (e.g., business meetings, dinner dates, girls night out).
  4. Preys on the chic with updated spots & stripes every season.


Bryant / brī-ənt /
Bryant Blazer
  1. A blazer so perfect it carries the family name.
  2. The kind of wardrobe MVP that keeps you looking polished 24/7 and just might force your denim jacket into semi-retirement.
    1. Stretch fabrics that follow your every move.
    2. Seasonal print and color updates known to inspire obsession-worthy collecting.


Camo / kamō /
Cool Camo
  1. Major versatility style staple; on the front lines of casual-cool.
  2. Stands attention while blending in.
  3. Wear with everything…and that’s an order.
Curves / kərv /
  1. What Mae West said.
    See: quote
    Curve: the loveliest distance between two points.
  2. We highlight, smooth & refine them. You make them look gooood.
  3. Make pants go POW, dresses go BOOM, and lingerie go WHAM.
  4. Without them, your clothes would just be clothes.


Denim / denəm /
  1. Our true love, style soulmate, #1 wardrobe hero that only gets better with age.
  2. Key component to perfect posterior and legs for days.
  3. The slimming secret weapons we can’t live without.
    See: Power Pockets & Tighter Tummy
  4. In stretches and leg shapes for whatever your body needs.
    See: leg shapes
    & stretches
    • Ultimate Stretch: Flexi yarn with 360 stretch and superior sculpt. Shop now ›
    • Super Stretch: Sculpts & smooths with amazing recovery. Shop now ›
    • Essential Stretch: Comfort & stretch with plenty of everyday contour. Shop now ›
Dresses / dres /
  1. A reminder to rock our feminine side on the regular.
  2. A reason to loooove it when a party pops-up out of nowhere.
  3. The thing that makes it easy to look 100% in 5 min or less.
    1. Thank you, built-in shapewear.
    2. Love you, countless options.
  4. See: silhouettes
    • Fit & Flare: Nipped at the waist, flattering all around. Shop now ›
    • Maxi: What we mean we say “great lengths”. Shop now ›
    • Midi: Mid-calf hemline, full-on versatility. Shop now ›
    • Sheath: Straight cut and fitted to flatter your shape. Shop now ›
    • Swing: Moves to the beat of your every step. Shop now ›


Florals / flôrəl /
  1. Outfit-making star power that puts your feminine side on blast.
  2. Pretty and powerful for any and all occasions.
    1. Meeting parents or meeting deadlines.
  3. Our forever top trend contender, updated season after season with a little help from the runways.
Fierce / firs /
  1. Unapologetic style swagger showing you care, but also kind of don’t.
  2. A no-limits approach to fashion that always owns the room.
    1. a lace top that shows off your bra.
    2. a leather legging with a short top.
    3. permission to wear leopard print from head to toe (granted).
Feminine / ˈfemənən /
  1. Multi-dimensional magic that lets you be you.
  2. Actualization of self-love that defies size, shape & age.
  3. More state-of-mind than gender-defined.
  4. Style-driving quality that earns you that perfect selfie, with or without your makeup.


Lena / lēna /
Lena Bryant
  1. The reason we come to work every day.
  2. Actual alias of our founder (Lena Bryant); fearless New Yorker & OG trailblazer who gave plus size women options (before she even had the right to vote).
  3. Made fashion history in 1904, but 100% #stillreal in our world.
Leggings / ˈleɡiNGz /
  1. Slim-fitting double agent that works lounge life and night life with equal attention.
  2. Yes, they’re pants. Yes we love them.
  3. Comfort-critical all year long.
Lounge / lounj /
  1. Proper chill-zone attire famed for serious coze factor.
  2. Preferred attire for Netflix nights and “work from home” days.
  3. May cause unexpected cuddling.


Nude / nood /
  1. Bras & panties that rep your skin tone to perfection
  2. What lets you know you can rock the naked look (no matter what shade of naked you’re working with).
  3. Sends skivvies into hiding under your clothes, c/o so many shades (+ all your favorite frames).
    See: Plunge , Full Coverage & Balconette .


Plaid / plad /
  1. The go-to fall staple coveted by prepsters, professors and punks alike.
  2. Reinvented in peplums, ruffles and cut-outs, it extends beyond lumberjack territory.
  3. Pairs best with ripped denim, faux leather leggings and anything else that feels unexpected.
Power Pockets / pou-er pok-its /
Power Pockets
  1. Our tested (and re-tested) slimming mesh panels that eliminate muffin top.
  2. Designed to pouch-proof your profile and put any jiggle on pause.
  3. Makes a cameo in Allie Ankle pants , Skinny Jeans and Boot-cut Jeans .
Power Suits / pou-er soot /
Power Suits
  1. Your go-to uniform for taking over the world.
  2. Your spirit animal in curve-flattering outfit form.
    1. A made-to-match Bryant blazer and Allie pant.
    2. A color and print pairing that takes on any agenda.
  3. Common behaviors with wear: getting a raise, riding the fast track for the corner office.


Ruffle / ruhf-uh /
  1. The queen of all fashion embellishments.
  2. Spotted everywhere on hems, sleeves, neckline, skirt or tee topping form.
    1. No fabric off limits: equally flattering in flowy chiffon, soft knit or structured wovens.
  3. Highest drama level:
    1. Layered
    2. Tiered


Stretch / strech /
  1. The patron saint of curve-following flexibility and comfort, in places you least expect it.
  2. Why you no longer need to lay down with pliers to close a tight zipper.
  3. Our answer to making everything you wear fit and feel as wonderful as it looks.
  4. A little or a lot. There’s no one way to stretch:


Tighter Tummy Technology / tahyt-er tuhm-ee Tek-nol-ogy /
Tighter Tummy Technology
  1. T3 Technology for short. So life-changing, we had to patent it!
  2. Slims, smooths tummy and waist — all the way around — in Boot-cut , Straight and Skinny jeans .
  3. The look of a thousand crunches, in 60 seconds.
  4. Side effects may include: shirt-tucking, higher curve-confidence stealing the show.
Top / top /
  1. Your first-impression maker; the DNA to every wardrobe.
  2. The easiest way to channel fashion’s fastest trends.
    1. See also leopard , plaid & florals
    2. Cold shoulder ruffled sweaters
  3. It’s illegal to go without one in some states.
  4. There’s more of them than anything else in your closet, and always room for more.


Work Shop / work shop /
Work Shop
  1. Where to find the key pieces for a 40-hour (at least) work week.
    1. Separates that prove power suits are back.
    2. See also Allie & Bryant .
    3. Prints that blur the line between clocked-in and cocktail hour.
  2. Statement prints and colors for making boss moves in and out of the office.


Zhuzh / ZHo͝oSH /
  1. To improve appearance by slight adjustment.
  2. To borderline fuss in the mirror while getting ready.
    1. That not too tight, not too loose jean roll.
    2. Tousled tresses that say “I woke up like this”.

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