Behind the scenes with our incredible cast

We hung out behind the scenes at our New Skinny video shoot and learned real quick, what bonds five women of different backgrounds and different parts of the world together. Skinny jeans. And Beyoncé. Maybe it's the flawless vibes. The who run the world? mantra. Or maybe it's something about the way they both make you feel... bad ass and bootylicious. See what else our incredible cast has to say…

Confidence is the New Skinny

Denise model | mom | body-positive activist @denisebidot

A bi-coastal model-mom-activist who was raised in Miami, Denise has been there, done that. And her contagious fearlessness is everywhere. She’s walked the runway. Bared her stretch marks for our national ad campaign. And her #NoWrongWayMovement encourages self love and acceptance for all.

Loving Yourself is the New Skinny

Kelly style blogger | influencer | quintessential New Yorker @kellyaugustineb

Kelly’s a fashion blogger turned serious style influencer. Her gorgeous blog shows up on just about everyone’s need-to-know list. (Full disclosure: we’re addicted.) An FIT-grad who was raised in NYC, and she’s got city chic in spades.

Curvy is the New Skinny

Hunter SI’s “curviest swimsuit model ever” | Cali girl @huntermcgrady

California babe Hunter McGrady made a serious splash this year as Sports Illustrated’s “curviest model ever.” But despite her glamazon model persona, Hunter’s a down to earth Cali girl at heart.

Sexy is the New Skinny

Philomena model | writer | philanthropist extraordinaire @philomenakwao

London-born Philomena is a model with an activist’s passion and a philanthropist’s heart. Besides challenging beauty ideals with her close-cropped hair and curves, she takes every opportunity to speak up for diversity in the modeling industry as well as the rights of women and children everywhere. Check out her very own The Lily Project.

Unstoppable is the New Skinny

Bree YouTube sensation | model | California babe @breekish

The statuesque, ginger-haired Bree hails from the OC and credits modeling since 14 for her strong sense of self-esteem. With acting goals on the horizon she’s content for now keeping up her YouTube channel, chock full of make-up and fashion videos.

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