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Plus Size Active Bottoms

LIVI Power Legging
3 (196)
LIVI Yoga Pant
3.9 (105)
LIVI Capri Power Legging
3.4 (48)
LIVI Yoga Pant with Smoothing Control Tech
3.7 (56)
LIVI Power Legging With Smoothing Control Tech
4.4 (112)
LIVI Bike Short
4.3 (95)
LIVI Yoga Capri
4.6 (76)
LIVI Waffle-Knit Jogger
0 (0)
LIVI Hacci Short
0 (0)
LIVI Tie-Dye Short
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Short - Tie-Dye
3 (1)
LIVI Waffle-Knit Short
3 (2)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Hacci
0 (0)
LIVI Capri Power Legging With Wicking - Criss-Cross Hem
0 (0)
LIVI Capri Metro Jogger - French Terry
0 (0)
LIVI Drawstring-Waist Skort
5 (1)
LIVI French Terry Relaxed Capri Pant
0 (0)
LIVI Capri Legging With Wicking - Crisscross Hem
0 (0)
LIVI Stretch Trouser Capri
0 (0)
LIVI Capri Power Legging
0 (0)
LIVI Soft Knee Short
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Cropped Pant
0 (0)
LIVI Soft Knee Short
4.5 (2)
LIVI Drawstring-Waist Skort
0 (0)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Heathered
5 (2)
LIVI Soft Capri Legging
0 (0)
LIVI Capri Power Legging With Wicking
0 (0)
LIVI Soft Capri Legging - Strappy Side
0 (0)
LIVI Soft Metro Jogger - Tie-Dye
4.8 (6)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Tie-Dye French Terry
4.7 (6)
LIVI 7/8 Power Legging With Wicking - Colorblock
5 (5)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Tie-Dye
3.2 (5)
LIVI Knit Trouser
4.7 (3)
LIVI Soft 7/8 Legging - Contrast Stitching
3.3 (3)
LIVI Metro Jogger - French Terry With Ombre Drawstring
4 (2)
LIVI Power Knee Short - Mineral Wash
3.8 (4)
LIVI Legging
2.9 (7)
LIVI Metro Jogger - French Terry With Side Stripes
3.5 (8)
Power Pocket Wicking Side Detail 7/8 Legging
5 (4)
LIVI Power Pocket 7/8 Legging
3.3 (3)
LIVI Soft 7/8 Legging - Strappy Hem
3.9 (12)
LIVI Knit Trouser
3.6 (42)
LIVI Soft 7/8 Legging - Printed
3.5 (41)
LIVI Relaxed Pant - French Terry
3.9 (7)
LIVI Drawstring Pant
2.9 (7)
LIVI Capri Power Legging - Spacedye
3.8 (4)
LIVI Capri Power Legging - Crochet Hem
4.5 (14)
LIVI 7/8 Power Legging - Lace Side
3 (6)
LIVI Capri Metro Jogger - French Terry
0 (0)
Active Essential Capri Legging
4.7 (9)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Velour
4 (28)
LIVI 7/8 Legging - Crisscross Hem
2.9 (14)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Side Animal Stripe
3.6 (5)
7/8 Power Legging With Wicking - Textured Mesh at Hem
3.5 (8)
LIVI Knit Trouser
4.1 (7)
LIVI 7/8 Power Legging With Wicking
4.4 (5)


Ditch those worn out plus size workout pants – you know the ones we’re talking about, the ones with the elastic that’s not so elastic anymore, that keep falling down every time you exercise. It’s time to up your workout game with our collection of plus size yoga pants, active pants and shorts! LIVI bottoms are available in a variety of colors, made for you and your body. Our comfortable and stylish plus size workout pants are designed with your curves in mind. They’ll give you the support and flexibility you need for any activity – from yoga to your next marathon.


Headed to yoga class? Shop for loose, flexible clothing like our plus size yoga pants – guaranteed to make your next downward dog delightfully delicate. Pair plus size yoga pants with our active sweatshirts or hoodies – perfect for a yogi of any skill level. Our plus size active pants are perfect for any impact exercise. With fun prints and colors, you’ll want to stock up and rock a pair whether you’re working out or not! Pair your favorite Lane Bryant active bottoms with one of our comfortable and breathable active t-shirts. Our plus size capris are the perfect gym pants. With their classic cropped style, these active leggings are breathable and flexible – great for your workout or taking gym mirror selfies (our favorite exercise).


With so many styles and fabrics for athletic pants, finding the perfect pair can be challenging. Here are some helpful hints and features to look for when you shop!

  • All of our plus size active pants are constructed with signature stretch and sculpting technology. With smoothing and supportive fit, our plus size workout pants are less prone to slip while you exercise.
  • Wicking technology is perfect for those of us who like to work hard – the supportive stretch fabric is fade-resistant and has moisture wicking and quick-drying technology that keeps you going without chafing or sweat marks.
  • The one-of-a-kind control tech built into our athleisure wear ensures a slimming fit that contours to your body shape, giving you a tighter fit without sacrificing flexibility or comfort.

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