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Plus Size Active Tops

LIVI Stronger Together Graphic Tee
0 (0)
LIVI Radiate Positivity Graphic Tee
0 (0)
LIVI Inspire Others Graphic Tunic Tee
5 (1)
LIVI Drape-Front Waffle-Knit Overpiece
0 (0)
LIVI Side-Tie Tee - Hacci
0 (0)
LIVI Waffle-Knit Tank
0 (0)
LIVI Waffle-Knit Sweatshirt
0 (0)
LIVI Cocoon Overpiece - Hacci
0 (0)
LIVI Waffle-Knit Overpiece
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Tie-Dye Tunic Top
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Pullover Hoodie - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Capri Jumpsuit
0 (0)
LIVI Maxi Dress - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Washed Slub Tunic Top
0 (0)
LIVI Believe You Can Graphic Tee
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Hoodie - Tie-Dye
5 (1)
LIVI Low-Impact No-Wire Sport Bra - Mesh Keyhole Racerback
0 (0)
LIVI Short-Sleeve Hooded Dress
0 (0)
LIVI Short-Sleeve Tie-Dye Tee
0 (0)
LIVI Short-Sleeve Notch-Neck Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Sweatshirt - Cutout-Back
4 (1)
LIVI Zip-Front Hoodie - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Soft Short-Sleeve Pull-Over Hoodie
3.5 (2)
LIVI French Terry Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Long-Sleeve Hooded Tunic
5 (1)
LIVI Cowl-Neck Mask Top - Tie-Dye
2.8 (5)
LIVI Hooded Jacket - Spacedye
5 (1)
LIVI French Terry Dress - Tie-Dye
5 (4)
LIVI Twist-Knot Top - Tie-Dye
5 (2)
LIVI Pullover Hoodie - Tie-Dye
3.5 (11)
LIVI Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Printed Hooded Tunic
5 (2)
LIVI Active Wicking Tank - Draped Back
0 (0)
LIVI Twist-Knot Sweatshirt
5 (1)
LIVI Tee With Wicking
2 (5)
LIVI Soft Half-Zip Pullover
4.5 (4)
LIVI French Terry Zip-Neck Dress - Tie-Dye
4.7 (3)
LIVI Hooded Cropped Sweatshirt With Ombre Drawstring
5 (3)
LIVI French Terry Hoodie - Tie-Dye
5 (2)
LIVI Washed French Terry Sweatshirt
4.3 (12)
LIVI French Terry Hoodie - Tie-Dye
4 (8)
LIVI Cowl-Neck Graphic Pullover Top
5 (1)
LIVI French Terry Hooded Pullover - Tie-Dye
4 (14)
LIVI French Terry Graphic Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Cutout-Back Swing Tank
3.6 (5)
LIVI French Terry Tie-Hem Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
3 (1)
LIVI Medium-Impact Seamless Sport Bra - Marl
3.8 (6)
LIVI Cowl-Neck Mask Top
3.3 (7)
LIVI High-Low Spacedye Tunic Top
4.1 (11)
LIVI Drape-Back Tank With Wicking
4 (2)
LIVI Striped French Terry Hoodie
3.2 (5)
LIVI French Terry Overpiece
3.7 (10)
LIVI Tie-Dye French Terry Sweatshirt
4.4 (8)
LIVI Zip-Front Hooded Jacket
4.6 (7)
LIVI Wicking Low-Impact No-Wire Sport Bra - Strappy Back
2.5 (2)
LIVI Soft Low-Impact No-Wire Sport Bra
2.6 (8)
LIVI Tie-Dye Fleece Pullover
3.3 (18)
LIVI Brushed French Terry Zip-Front Hoodie
3.5 (13)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Black
5 (6)
LIVI Tie-Dye Long-Sleeve Tee
4.2 (9)
LIVI Sherpa Half-Zip Pullover
3.5 (4)
LIVI Zip-Front Peplum Jacket with Wicking
4.7 (6)
LIVI Hooded Top - Animal Print
3.2 (12)
LIVI Colorblock Spacedye Hoodie
0 (0)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Spacedye
4.8 (4)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Spacedye
5 (2)

Why Wear an Activewear Top?

You may wonder why you should wear a plus size workout top from Lane Bryant instead of the old sweats and t-shirts you usually wear. These plus size athletic tops are part of our LIVI Active line, and everything from LIVI Active is designed to be extraordinarily functional for any fitness session, while also being trendy and fashionable. There’s science behind each plus size active top you see on this page, starting with the supportive, curve-enhancing designs, and extending to the technical fabrics that are both moisture-wicking to help you stay dry, and breathable to keep you cool. A plus size activewear top from Lane Bryant is stylish, fit-tastic, and designed to make you look beautiful and feel confident, whether you’re at the gym or power walking in the park. It’s this winning combination of workout performance and athleisure style that elevates each plus size active top. You’re assured of all the functionality you want without sacrificing your personal style. You’re not only getting a plus size workout top you can pair with one of our supportive sports bras for exercising, you also have a women’s active top you can throw on with confidence for a run to the market, a day of shopping, or a get together with friends for drinks or dinner.

Find the Perfect Plus Size Workout Top

When it comes to our LIVI plus size athletic tops, choose from a wide range of styles, colors and design options to match your fashion sense, available in sizes up to 48DDD. You’ll find many soft, great-looking LIVI tees in your choice of colors, or tops with graphic designs that are all-day comfortable for any activity, including use as a plus size yoga top. When the weather is cooler, you may want to consider a long sleeve activewear top, available in t-shirt, tunic or hoodie styles, matched with your favorite joggers & sweatpants. You can choose a lightweight, breathable and stretchy draped back LIVI tank top for more intense workouts, and layer it with a relaxed, open front overpiece. Try a relaxed silhouette dress to class up your look while hitting the juice bar later. Beautiful sweatshirts are versatile and look great anywhere. When you want a little more coverage, select an easy-moving active tunic that falls to mid-thigh, paired with your choice of stylish, comfortable, stretch leggings. Our plus size athletic tops, and every piece of LIVI activewear, will help you perfectly balance functionality and style while keeping you comfortable and providing you with confidence that you look great.

Match Your New Plus Size Active Top Flawlessly

Whenever you wear a plus size workout top to the gym or dance studio, you’ll be thrilled with the easy-wearing, keep-you-dry-and-cool designs. But what will surprise you is how easily you can combine women’s activewear tops into your wardrobe for a chic, fashion-forward look. The lines separating performance wear and athleisure wear are continually advancing, with no concerns about “fashion rules.” That’s not to say that your athleisure wear is appropriate for every occasion. It’s not your best choice for a job interview or your best friend’s wedding, of course. But with the right accessorizing, rocking women’s active tops will be very on trend. We’ve designed our active tops to be fashion forward, they almost feel too stylish to perspire in. Get a put-together look by layering your top with jackets & hoodies, a blazer or sweater, or by mixing fabrics, like adding denim, for instance. Choose footwear to enhance, like sneakers or slides, and accessorize to express your personality by adding sunglasses or jewelry to provide some street style. Why not try a thin necklace or some simple silver or gold hoop earrings? You can get as creative as you like, building a wardrobe around a plus size activewear top that easily adapts to your busy lifestyle and schedule.

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