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LIVI it up

Keep your chill zone bright with
touchy-feely fleece & very-soft velour —
plus a dash of holiday red!


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Plus Size Workout Clothes

LIVI French Terry Jogger
0 (0)
LIVI Sweatshirt - Dip-Dye
3.3 (6)
LIVI Quarter-Zip Velour Pullover
0 (0)
LIVI Velour Wide Leg Pant
0 (0)
LIVI Zip-Front Sherpa - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Hooded Top
0 (0)
LIVI Printed Hooded Top
4 (2)

It's official: we're "sets-obsessed." And once you go
soft-lounge luxe, there’s just no going back.

Livi Life

LIVI Half-Zip Sherpa Pullover
0 (0)
LIVI Puffer Vest
0 (0)
LIVI Zip-Front Jacket - Sherpa
4.2 (18)
LIVI Dream Cloud Knit Jogger Sneaker
4.3 (3)
LIVI Dream Cloud Jogger Sneaker
1.7 (6)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Velour
4.1 (30)
LIVI Sweater Knit Straight Leg Pant
2.7 (6)
LIVI Fabric-Blocked Hoodie
0 (0)
LIVI Hooded Top With High-Low Hem
5 (1)
LIVI Wide-Leg Trouser Pant
4.6 (16)
LIVI Knit Trouser
3.5 (2)
LIVI Cowl-Neck Poncho Top
2.9 (7)
LIVI Zip-Front Velour Hoodie
4.5 (2)
LIVI Cocoon Overpiece
0 (0)
LIVI Velour Jogger
0 (0)
LIVI CozySoft Jogger
4.3 (6)
LIVI Velour Hoodie
3 (1)
Hooded Ribbed Hacci Poncho
0 (0)
LIVI Zip-Front Hoodie - Velour
2.7 (3)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Black
4.6 (20)
LIVI Metro Jogger - Spacedye Velour
4.2 (5)
LIVI Pleat-Trim Jacket With Wicking - Spacedye
4.9 (7)
LIVI Velour Wide Leg Pant
0 (0)
LIVI Velour Hoodie - Tie-Dye
4.8 (12)
LIVI Active Drawstring Ankle Pant
4.7 (15)
LIVI Half-Zip Pullover - Sherpa
4.3 (26)
LIVI Half-Zip Sherpa Pullover
0 (0)
LIVI Ribbed Hacci Wide Leg Pant
3.7 (3)
LIVI Graphic Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
2.8 (6)
LIVI High-Rise 7/8 Legging With Pockets
0 (0)
LIVI Split Neck Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
4.3 (7)
LIVI French Terry Jogger
5 (3)
LIVI Sweatshirt - Dip-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Jogger
4.5 (4)
LIVI Knit Drawstring Waist Skort
5 (3)
LIVI French Terry Jogger
5 (1)
LIVI Cowl-Neck Hacci Top
2 (1)
LIVI French Terry Jogger
3.5 (2)
LIVI Knit Skort
3.8 (6)
LIVI Sweatshirt - Tie-Dye
0 (0)
LIVI Sleeveless French Terry Swing Dress
5 (1)
LIVI Stretch Trouser Capri
4.8 (18)
LIVI Knit Ankle-Length Trouser
4.4 (7)
LIVI CozySoft Sweatshirt
4.3 (10)
LIVI Crew-Neck Sweatshirt
4.7 (6)
LIVI Reverse Trim Hoodie
3 (1)
LIVI Hoodie With Zebra-Print Drawstring

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4.8 (4)
LIVI French Terry Hoodie
1.5 (2)
LIVI Hooded Top - Stripe
0 (0)
LIVI Marled Knit Jogger
4.6 (7)
LIVI Knit Jogger
0 (0)
LIVI French Terry Slim Jogger
3 (1)
LIVI Hacci Hoodie
4 (1)
LIVI V-Neck Hooded Top - Tie-Dye
5 (1)
LIVI Lounge Hoodie
3.5 (2)
LIVI Crew-Neck Sweatshirt - Stripe
3 (2)
LIVI Rhinestone Sweatshirt
0 (0)
LIVI Quilted Half-Zip Pullover
3.5 (2)
LIVI Colorblock Sweatshirt
0 (0)
LIVI High-Rise Signature Stretch 7/8 Legging With Pockets
0 (0)


Look and feel your best in Lane Bryant’s plus size activewear line – LIVI Active. With comfortable active leggings, athletic tops, sports bras, and more, we know how to fit your size and shape, so you feel confident. Whether you’re wearing them to the gym or just running errands and looking for comfort on-the-go, our collection of women’s plus size workout clothes is an easy one stop shop to check all your boxes.

When it comes to comfort, you want materials that are going to breathe and move with you, no matter the activity. By using technical fabrics and flattering cuts, our plus size athletic wear keeps comfort at the forefront, while still delivering the latest styles so you feel (and look) amazing.


Our plus size athletic wear includes a range of low to high impact pieces that are great for any activity level – from running a marathon to taking a quick trip to the grocery store. And that’s the beauty of the LIVI Active line at Lane Bryant – we create women’s plus size workout clothes that are functional no matter when or where you’re wearing them. You can even wear some of our plus size activewear pieces to create the perfect work from home outfit. The opportunities are endless!


If you’re into running & training, opt for our active jackets & hoodies over a plus size activewear set. Layering can be a great way to heat up your muscles during a warmup or fight off cooler temperatures. For indoor yoga & studio training, our plus size sports bras provide maximum coverage to nail that move you've been working on. Looking for a comfortable look while out running errands? Our plus size athletic wear is perfect for creating a chic athleisure outfit.

Plus size exercise clothing is great for lower impact activities too, like long walks around the lake or fun family bike rides. You can even add a bit of flair to your plus size activewear pieces with a pair of sunglasses to complete your look. Create your lane with Lane Bryant’s collection of workout clothes, designed to fit your curves and lifestyle.

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