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Bryant Blazer - Sexy Stretch Single Button
3.8 (24)
Super Soft Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Frayed Hem
4.3 (6)
Tighter Tummy High Rise Skinny Jean - Velvet Dark Wash
3.5 (11)
Ponte Peplum Jacket
4.3 (19)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Black
4 (5)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Rinse Dark Wash
4.7 (7)
High-Rise 3-Button Jegging - Dark Wash
4.5 (36)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Royal Crush Dark Wash
3.2 (27)
Tri-Sculpt High Rise Skinny Jean - Dark Iris Wash
3.4 (7)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Dark Wash With Destruction
4.2 (16)
Curvy Fit High Rise Skinny Jean - Iris Dark Wash
4.5 (21)
Curvy Fit High Rise Skinny Jean - Black
4.1 (8)
Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Faux Pearl Slit Hem
4 (5)
Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Dark Wash Ruffle Hem
3.7 (12)
Flutter-Sleeve Tee
4.5 (33)
Super Soft Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Floral Embroidery
4.4 (16)
Power Pockets Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Washed Green
2.8 (8)
Released-Hem Denim Jacket
4.8 (12)
Allie Sexy Stretch Boot Pant
3.1 (18)
Allie Tailored Stretch Ankle Pant - Tie Waist
3.6 (12)
Boyfriend Jean - Plaid-Backed Destruction
4.2 (5)
Boyfriend Jean - Medium Wash With Destruction
4.8 (8)
Tighter Tummy High Rise Skinny Jean - Winetasting
2.4 (7)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Released Hem with Destruction
4.2 (5)
Boyfriend Jean - Light Wash Lace-Backed Destruction
4.3 (12)
Boyfriend Jean - Dark Wash
4.1 (33)
Signature Fit Skinny Jean - Rhinestones with Destruction
3.8 (9)
Tie-Neck Chiffon Blouse
4.5 (16)
Striped Embellished-Hem Soft Short
4.2 (6)
Twill Girlfriend Chino Short - 7 Inseam
3.7 (6)
Pleated Wide Leg Pant - Belted Pull-On Matte Jersey
4.8 (15)
Allie Modern Stretch High-Rise Short
4.1 (8)
Mid-Rise Linen Short
4.4 (5)
Power Pockets Allie Modern Stretch Ankle Pant
4.4 (14)
Allie Smart Stretch Crop Pant
3.9 (42)
Girlfriend Chino Short - 5.5” Inseam
4.2 (21)
Chino Bermuda Short - 10
3.6 (30)
Floral Printed Faux Leather Legging
3.1 (8)
Power Pockets Allie Modern Stretch Ankle Pant - Ruffle Hem
1.9 (10)
Allie Tailored Stretch Straight Leg Pant with Grosgrain Trim Pockets
3.1 (30)
Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant
4.4 (8)


Here's to you, ladies under 5'4"! We have a collection built just for you, with every piece cut and tailored for your propotions. You can finally skip those alterations because you've found a collection that fits your curves and petite figure just right. We've expanded our collection to plus petite tops, plus petite bottoms and plus petite dresses. Pair your stylish petite items with our wide width shoes or tailored plus size blazers. All our petite clothing details are designed to fit you in the right places. Celebrate your unique frame with stylish clothing that fits!

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