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Trendy Women’s Sunglasses at Lane Bryant

Women’s sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes, and the delicate skin around your eyes, from harmful UV rays. They’re also the number one way to add a dash of pizzazz to your personal style! Sunglasses are timeless and fun, to the extent that you may even look for places to go, and vacations to take, just so you can wear your favorite pair. Many women own multiple pairs of trendy sunglasses so they’re always ready to rock any outfit, any occasion, and any mood. The best sunglasses for women are a fashion essential, working with other accessories, including jewelry, handbags and shoes, to add stunning flair to your look. Whether you’re going for daring, adventurous, retro or glam, or just want cool sunglasses to highlight a relaxed T-shirt paired with jeans or capris. Whatever the reasons you wear your sunglasses, you can find the best, most flattering styles right here at Lane Bryant. They transform your wardrobe, express your personal style, and increase your sense of confidence while looking fabulous.

Which Pair of Women’s Sunglasses is Right for You?

Despite the many styles, designs and colors available, choosing the best sunglasses for you should never be difficult. In fact, it should be quite simple. Start your selection process by looking at styles that are most flattering for the shape and proportions of your face. Consider for instance, if your face is relatively square-shaped, you may be best served by aviator sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, round sunglasses, or sunglasses without frames. More of a round face? You will find that butterfly sunglasses, D-frame sunglasses and sunglasses with more angular frames will give you the look you want. Heart-shaped faces are often complemented by large oversized frames, oval lenses and aviator styles, as are rectangular-shaped faces. The easiest shaped face for matching is an oval shape. Because it’s asymmetrical, an oval shape can make pretty much any style look great. Keep in mind that, suggestions aside, it’s all about personal preference. The ones that make you feel the best and the most self-assured, are the best sunglasses for you.

Make the Most of Your New Sunglasses

For many women, sunglasses are a large consideration when it comes to completing an outfit. That makes sense. Other staples, like belts, handbags, a light scarf or jewelry, are all easier to coordinate with the color and design of your glasses, rather than the other way around. A good rule of thumb when you’re wearing prominent or dramatic women’s sunglasses is to go with more understated earrings with a complementary size and shape that add a nice accent, but won’t fight your glasses for attention. Never allow your face to seem too crowded due to accessory overload, by pairing your sunglasses with large, flashy hoops for example. On the other hand, dangling earrings often work wonderfully, helping to add length, accentuate cheekbones and add softness. Necklaces and sunglasses serve well together to express your fashion identity. If you are a fan of a big, bright, bold, chunky style necklace, go for it. More delicate pieces work well in layers, creating a fabulous fashion statement that is sure to get noticed.

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