Women have curves. So, we designed a jean that gives those curves their due. Introducing the super stretch skinny.

Get The Skinny on the Skinny

The Denim Report

Just when you thought the Super Stretch Skinny couldn’t get cooler…

Blueprint of the Skinny

We can’t fit an entire design studio on this page. But we can show you how we build the Super Stretch Skinny from ground (er, legs) up.

  • A contoured waistband with extra stretch…so it won’t gap or ride down.
  • Bigger, perfectly proportioned pockets so your booty looks daayum. (And your phone has a home.)
  • Less fabric where you don’t need it…to avoid that “sit down, bunch up” thing.

Handle With Care

The do’s and dont’s of denim T.L.C.

  • DO wash your jeans in cold water, flipped inside out, with like colors.
  • DON’T wash after every wear. Every few is fine (as long as you’re not, say, running a marathon or painting a house), and it might just preserve the life of your jeans.* *According to a very scientific study of the denim fanatics in our office.
  • DO avoid exposing them to hotter-than-the-sun heat. Some jean connoisseurs swear by air-drying, but if you don’t have that kind of time, tumble drying on low works.
  • DON’T laugh at your girlfriends if they freeze their jeans or mist them with water. People* go to great lengths to steer clear of constant machine washing…and some experts say those techniques might freshen them up. *There are those denim fanatics again.