Think of the chicest women you know. They’ve mastered style that says ‘I just threw this on’ and ‘I’m gonna conquer the world today,’ in equal (very enviable) measure. In other words, they’ve got effortless on lock. Enter the 5 Power Pieces, each one uniquely its own, but designed to pair together for endless options.

1 the knockout legging

Its power: Make that super power(s). Shockingly versatile; a body boosting fit; sophisticated but with just-enough-edge.

The effect: Instant rock star status. Also, most likely to inspire dressing from the bottom up.

2 the bryant blazer

Its power: The ability to morph from classic to sporty to cool-girl & beyond makes it a 7-days-a-week slam dunk

The effect: So habit-forming, you’ll be tempted to break up with your boyfriend (blazer) for this curve-loving cut.

3 the super stretch skinny jean

Its power: We could get really technical about the smoothing, sculpting and the legs for days hereā€¦but let’s just say we’ve yet to meet a body that doesn’t look incredible in these.

The effect: Blissed out, thanks to the mutual love affair between you and your butt. Also, guilt over leaving your other jeans behind, for a while anyway.

4 the soft shirt

Its power: A modern, feminine edge that’s strong enough for the office—but secretly has a thing for Saturdays.

The effect: Je ne sais quoi! French for a “certain something” that’s totally distinctive but impossible to put into words. And you just nailed it.

5 the statement sweater

Its power: Touchable texture that looks (and feels) ten times more expensive than it actually is.

The effect: Style swagger that comes from channeling laid back and luxe at the same time.

Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Wine
Marled Choker Sweater
Open-Stitch Choker Sweater
Velvet Lace-Up Marled Sweater
Infinite Stretch Flounce-Sleeve Blouse
Ponte Legging

Ponte Legging

Super Stretch Skinny Jean - Destructed
The Bryant Blazer - Ponte
The Bryant Blazer - Ponte
The Bryant Blazer - Plaid
Cold-Shoulder Cable Sweater
Chiffon-Trim V-Neck Sweater

Chiffon-Trim V-Neck Sweater

Pieced Faux Leather Legging
All-Over Faux Leather Legging
Printed V-Neck Essential Shell
Open-Stitch Tie-Sleeve Pullover Sweater
Soft Shirt

Soft Shirt