The Allie Pant

Sexy stretch fabric. No-gap waistband.
Now in Straight, Boot and Ankle.

Allie Ankle Pant - Striped
Ashley Tailored Stretch Wide Leg Pant - Cream
Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant - Sparkle
Allie Straight Leg Pant - White & Black Jacquard
Allie Sexy Stretch Straight Leg Pant - Sparkle
Allie Ankle Pant - Diamond Jacquard
Tailored Stretch Jogger
Sparkle Ponte Legging
Lace-Up Ponte Legging
Velvet Legging
Coated Ankle-Zip Legging
Spa Spacedye Jogger Pant
Spa Jogger Pant
Wicking Triple Colorblock Active Legging
Signature Stretch Colorblock & Mesh Active Legging
Wicking Slashed Active Legging
Fast Lane Tuxedo Stripe Jogger
Fast Lane Ponte Stirrup Legging
Fast Lane Velvet Wide Leg Pant
Fast Lane Velvet Jogger
Scuba Legging

Scuba Legging

Fast Lane Ponte Stirrup Legging
Wicking Active Legging with Faux Leather Panels
Striped Ankle Pant
Allie Ankle Pant - Paisley Jacquard
Lena Tailored Stretch Straight Leg Pant - Striped
Lace-Inset Legging
Allie Crosshatch Ankle Pant
Pieced Faux Leather Legging
All-Over Faux Leather Legging
Lace Ankle Pant
Allie Sexy Stretch Ankle Pant
Lena High-Waist Belted Trouser - Striped